• UGL-Zar Clear Wood  Sealer

UGL-Zar Clear Wood Sealer

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ZAR® Clear Wood Sealer

ZAR® Clear Wood Sealer  protects exterior wood surfaces from the effects of rain, sun, and other weather damage. It may be applied to new or old wood that has been left unstained and unpainted, and is ideal for all types of woods including pressure-treated lumber and log cabins. ZAR® Clear Wood Sealer  Base accents the natural grain, texture and color of wood with just one coat. Apply a second coat to deepen the color and bring out a soft sheen.

ZAR® Clear Wood Sealer is ideal for decks, rails, posts, fencing, gazebos, sheds, wooden shingles, shakes, and log cabins, as well as other exterior, unstained or unpainted wood surfaces.

  • Protects against water penetration, spliting and cracking
  • Ultraviolet absorbers protect against sun damageMay be used over new pressure treated wood
  • Clear wood sealer restores natural color to new and old wood
1GAL    2/case    79913

5GAL    1/case    79915