Chain Galvanized G30-Proof

  • Chain Galvanized G30-Proof

Chain Galvanized G30-Proof

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We provide you with a variety of Chain Products for your store or needs.

    -    Galvanized GR30 Proof Coil Chain /1300Lbs Safe Work Load-Bucket Presentation, Low Carbon, Steel welded general purpose chain, Hot Deep Galvanized

    -    Grade 43 Tow Chain, High Carbon Steel,Zinc Plated,Corrosion Resistant,includes 3/8" Clevis grab hook at each  end for easy hook up. 5400Lbs Safe Workload.   3/8" x 20ft plastic Bucket.

    -    Zinc Coil Chain Straight Link, Low Carbon, steel welded chain,longer links, Applications includes animal tie-chains and tail gate chains,Zinc coated for corrosion Resistant, 2/0 x 98ft lengths-520Lbs workload

    -    Sash Chain, low carbon steel, Zinc Plated,non heat treated, stamped, flat link, used for :counter balance, ARC lamps, pet chains and many other uses, safe workload 106Lbs, #35 x 100feet reel.

    -    Beaded Chain Reel, Commonly use in Sink and tubs with rubber drain stoppers or as pull cords for ceiling fans and light fixtures. Chrome # 10 x 196 feet  or Brass finish, #6 x 196 feet reels.

    -    Zinc Tenso Chain, Low carbon, steel non-welded, Zinc plated for corrosion resistance, #3 x 20feet/ #3 x 98 feet / #1 x 98 feet / # 3/0 x 100 feet presentation.

    -    PVC Red Coated #1/0 x 98 feet reel.